Saturday, November 6, 2021

Fruitful Fall Fishing

Jerry, long time Legends Outdoors client and regular was back at it again on the body of water he so much admires.  His passion for Lake Wallenpaupack is immense as well as his desire to catch striped bass.  This time out he brought along friend Burt who is a first timer with Legends Outdoors.  They were on a fall fishing adventure on the pontoon boat which was a cold, raw, and windy one.  The two friends are also avid hunters and had plenty to talk about on their day out.  The pair fished about the scenic lake hammering away cast after cast for their quarry.  On one of Jerry’s casts he had that unmistakable strike preceding his drag screaming for quite a while.  It was no doubt what he had hooked as his face lit up like a Coleman lantern.  Back and forth the fish would go as Jerry worked the drag and played the health fish out.  He worked it towards the net and the stalky hybrid striper was brought into the boat for a photo before being released.  Their day would be complete right there with just that fish, but they also hooked into and caught numerous solid smallmouth bass that had plenty of energy in the cooling fall water.  They had some snacks for energy and kept at it while the fall winds pounded at them, but they were never deterred.  The day would eventually come to an end, but not before these two friends had an overall awesome day out together and one that they will remember for many years to come.