Thursday, October 28, 2021

Fall Fishing Fever

Charlie who has been out with Legends Outdoors on many occasions, was back at it with brother Jim and his neighbor Bill for a pontoon boat adventure.  Charlie has been out mostly at night, but this would be a mid-October daytime adventure for this trio. They wanted to start out and go for the big fish and that they did.  They had one hard smash that they didn't connect with, but they did get a second opportunity and Charlie would capitalize on it as he set into a solid hybrid striper and battled it with veteran patience and skill as he eventually worked it towards the net .  The beautiful specimen posted for a photo before being release back into the depths.  They would get no other opportunities on the day before switching gears and doing some casting with Keitech Baits on this calm and overcast day.  They would get some decent action casting about as they got into some smallmouth bass, pickerel, and a sprinkling of panfish.  The three men had a grand ol' time and fished fervently on the day and enjoyed the great outdoors.