Monday, October 11, 2021

Early Fall Fiesta

Durrell and Bev along with cousin Steve were back at it with Legends Outdoors for another outdoor adventure.  This early fall trip seen them face overcast skies with light winds and a storm that they waited out at one point before getting back out on the water for some fishing.  The water was cooling now as it was in the 65-66 degree range and those smallmouth and crappie were getting a bit more active.  The trio used a combo of jigs and Keitech Baits to pursue their quarry working them at a methodical pace to entice strikes.  They brought along snacks and their usual jovial spirit as they had a great time fishing together.  All toll they caught well over 30 fish consisting of crappie and smallmouth bass as a few of them posed for pictures below.  Steve and his slab crappie even posed with his 2021version Legends Outdoors Hooded Sweatshirt!  An all around great fall day out for Bev, Durrell and cousin Steve!