Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Good Neighbors

Dennis and Joe are avid anglers and also neighbors.  The two men like to fish Lake Wallenpaupack as well as spend time up at the lake doing a variety of other activities.  They took a September trek out together on the legendary lake aboard the Legends Outdoors pontoon boat.  The late summer day seen a chilly morning with high blue skies and barely any wind.  The duo would use a two prong approach using live bait and Keitech Baits to pursue their quarry on this day.  Joe has fished this lake for quite a few years and never caught a striped bass, but that would change on this day as he hooked into one that would give him quite a memorable battle as he fought it for quite some time before landing this strong fish.  Dennis also hooked into a smallmouth bass at the same time and they landed this double header and the fished posed for a photo before both being released.  The action didn't end there as they would catch pickerel, some perch, rockbass, smallmouth bass, and a few crappie including a 15" slab that Joe caught marking his personal best of that species also.  Dennis typically brings some delicious hoagies out with him for the trip and did so again on this one as they once again were top notch.  Dennis and Joe are good neighbors and had an absolute great time together on this trip and will have plenty to reminisce over for years to come.