Wednesday, September 22, 2021

All in!

Bill and his crew have been out with Legends Outdoors in the past and decided to give it a go again out on Lake Wallenpaupack.  The five men took some time away from their busy schedules and got together for this trip on a nice summer day.  They were "all in" on going for big fish from start to finish and that is just what they did!  The local group set out on a mission and the bait was set out as they settled in for the day.  The jovial spirit of these men didn't take long to show itself as there was plenty of great conversation and laughter throughout the day.  The action would be very good on the live bait as there were plenty of strikes to go around for the group during the outing.  The group hooked into two stripers that peeled drag and made plenty of power runs before being worked into the net for a few photos and then released back into the depths of the lake.  Also caught on the day was a rare catch in a northern pike that also and was greeted with a photo before being released.  The action also included several plump perch totaling about a dozen that were harvested.  Rounding out the catches were some smallmouth bass and a few other panfish that were caught mixed in when the anglers started throwing some Keitech Baits around later in the outing.  All of those fish were also released back into the scenic waterway.  Brought along for some good nourishment were subs made by the Zaleski's establishments that have some very good food indeed.  The group also brought along some nice cool beverages to compliment the subs on this memorable day.  It was quite a day for these five friends and we look forward when the group gets back together in 2022 for another Legends Outdoors adventure.