Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Reconnaissance Missions

What do the Legends Outdoors Guides do when not guiding?  Quite a variety of things, but the main focus is consistently staying ahead by finding new patterns, areas, baits, etc. to keep their clients on fish.  A part of their winter of 2018 mission was to narrow down striped bass through the ice.  After collaborating on the best areas and techniques, they took three trips out along with some friends to do some scouting for the 2019 ice-fishing season.  The journeys were a success as six stripers were landed and just as many lost.  This is an average of four opportunities a trip which is a great sign and we are excited to have our clients out there for next hard water season for striper specific outings.  With the ice now unsafe to venture out on, this closes out our ice-fishing season and we would like to look back on this abbreviated season and thank all the clients for joining us on their ice-fishing quests.  We are now into the open water outings and are looking forward to having you join us for some open water action in 2018!