Sunday, February 25, 2018

Minnesota Mitch & Friends

Mitch along with friends and co-workers from different areas of the country got together for a long weekend in NEPA on Lake Wallenpaupack.  Mitch and his avid outdoors group were determined to figure out much more about ice-fishing and this lake as they set out on a three day mission.  Days one and three on their own, but day two they came out with Legends Outdoors for some local knowledge and hospitality.  A snow storm hit the night before leaving a layer on the slick ice from the day before.  The day started with a brutal wind in the 20-25 MPH range blowing the snow and testing the mettle of even the most seasoned outdoors people.  That is not the only thing that started early as the flags and jigging heated up quickly as several smallmouth bass were caught and bluegills hauled in.  As the winds eventually continued to subside and the anglers persevered to fish this Wayne County gem, they were treated to freshly grilled Legends Outdoors venison jalapeno hot dogs that really hit the spot on this frigid day.  As a few more bluegills were jigged from the depths, the sun took hold of the sky and shone bright and spread its warmth on the shoulders of this group as they had plenty of laughs and stories to tell.  The wind eventually went flat and some more smallmouth bass, perch and bluegills were caught at a slow and steady pace before the day wound down. The panfish were harvested for a fresh fish fry by the visitors in the evening and they enjoyed their time out on the hard water with Legends Outdoors. We hope they enjoyed the entirety of their trip to Lake Wallenpaupack and we wish them safe journeys back to their home states.