Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Magnificent Seven - 2018 Version

Returning for their third straight year, this group hailing from Delaware gathered for their annual ice-fishing gathering on Lake Wallenpaupack.   While most of these men are teachers, when they aren't teaching students, they are hunting, fishing, or doing other outdoor activities that they are passionate about.  They were rained out of their clay bird shooting the day before, but were able to get out on the ice on this day even though the ice conditions were waning fast during the week.  With tipups covering a vast area and jig poles in hand these seven anglers took aim at the fish of this scenic body of water.  The day started off calm, warm, and sunny before a wind kicked up bringing in overcast skies and colder temperatures during the outing.  The action started out good with a few nice perch being caught and a big pickerel before a lull took place.  With a flag here and a flag there and a few smaller perch being caught jigging periodically throughout the day, the action was moderate at best.  A flag went up and the spool was making bubbles in the water as it turned with such a fury.  Paul was up as it was his turn and had a big fish on for a bit and it broke the leader just before the hole leaving the group with just thoughts of what may have been on the other end as this lake holds the true potential for giants.  The morning venison stew cooked as it tantalized the open air and the anglers anticipated when the next opportunity would arise.  After having some stew another big fish struck and the spool again was peeling line before stopping.  Blaze set the hook into a beauty and fought it valiantly as he and a big fish played tug-o-war for quite some time as a gang gathered about the hole as the tension mounted and the staff was prepared to pull a big fish out of the hole.  Just when a monster northern pike came up towards the hole it shook its head and cut the line along with the hopes of the group as yet another big fish vanished into the depths of the lake.  To have a shot at a big fish sometimes happens one time in a day, but to have it happen twice in a day is rare...could it happen again?  Between jigging, having beverages and telling stories and mulling about, the anglers were treated to Legends Outdoors fried fish as shown below along with some snacks.  The action had even tapered down more before a couple more really nice pickerel were landed by the anglers and then nearing the end of the trip with gray skies looming overhead and hopes fading, a flag went up and the spool moved sporadically before Kevin slowly took hold of the line and set the hook. The fish soon started letting Kevin know it wouldn't be brought in easily and battled him back and forth a bit before it was brought upon the ice and the lunker of the day was caught in a 31" northern pike.  The fish posed for a single and group photo before being released.  The day wrapped up soon after that as the snow would soon come with a fury covering the roads and lake within minutes of it arriving.  We at Legends Outdoors hope Justin, Kevin, Brian, Blaze, Dan, Paul, and Brian enjoyed their Poconos weekend and look forward to seeing them back again for another adventure with Legends Outdoors.