Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Cold Day/Hot Action

Carlos and his relative Billy have fished many days together in different locations and wanted to try out ice-fishing in 2018.  They dialed up Legends Outdoors, set a date, and headed north from Philadelphia for some hard water fishing.  A light SE wind with a starting temperature of five degrees greeting the anglers without about 10 to 11 inches of ice covering Lake Wallenpaupack.  With the Eagles fresh off a big win in the playoffs, these guys already had much to smile about before the day started, but that was just the beginning as their grins grew bigger and bigger as the flags were popping left and right as they were hustling around with all the action.  Aside from getting a confirmed 60 flags on this banner day they had some decent action on the jig rods from panfish and pickerel.  Amidst the comfortable chaos they had a vegetable venison soup for starters in the morning and then some venison jalapeno hot dogs for lunch to warm their insides on this frigid day that seen a high of 19 or 20 degrees.  Not only did they catch great numbers, they caught a hefty 27" pickerel shown below and a whopper of a brown trout that showed signs of years of residency in the lake and measuring in at 27" and 7# for the prized catch of the day.  It will be a day to remember for Carlos and Billy as their maiden voyage out with Legends Outdoors was quite a successful one.